We provide E-Design and DIY Home Project Design solutions!

Sometimes, we are a little bit too far away from each other to work together in person. But that's ok! With the amazing technology we have today, we can guide you step by step of how to communicate what we need to help you create the space that you will love!

Or, maybe you need a designer's idea and look, but don't have the budget to fully hire one. We offer a DIY Home Project Design Package that is also a step by step guide to give you all the info that you need to do your remodel project by yourself.

This includes DIY kitchens, DIY Bathrooms, and DIY home projects!

What you get with our E-Design and DIY Home Project Design Package:

  • Renderings to visualize your new space (for decorating clients and remodeling clients)
  • A specification book to make it easier for you and your contractor to pick up the materials and other items needed for your remodel
  • Materials to be sent to you, so you can touch it and see what it will look like in the space
  • Space plan drawings so the contractor can pull permits
  • Shopping list so you know where to get your furniture and accessories

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