Transform Your Bedroom with Color


Transform Your Bedroom with Color

How do you figure out which colors work well together? Color is a fantastic fun way to transform a space at minimal cost. There are many different colors that can play with our emotions and create. Color gives visual vibrations, the stronger the color, the more vibration it has, and the more energy it exudes. Contrasting colors are those at the opposite side of the color wheel.

Having trouble sleeping? 

Is your bedroom filled with stimulating, activating colors that prevent sleep? When we use a color such as red, we may perceive it as danger, it has a higher energy level and is stimulating. We see red for stop signs and alarms. Red demands our attention so if we have it in our bedrooms (a place that should be serene for sleep) we may become or remain alarmed or alert. Yellow can be very uplifting, think about how we feel when the sun comes out.  Yellow is also associated with fear and being alert, therefore yellow can be tough to gain calming sleep in the bedroom.

If we use more calming colors, such as a blue-gray or a blue-green, they contrast and transform a bedroom to feel calmer as well as being more therapeutic. Calming colors are associated with water and nature. Lighter shades of blues and greens, create a calming and natural ambience. Using stronger colors can create more energy within the space, but if we use the colors that are toned down (pure colors that are mixed with grey to create a tone), we can feel more relaxed and tranquil.  

Warm and loud colors create a higher vibrancy, while cool and calm colors create a lower vibrancy. When painting your bedroom, or any area in your home, think about the energy levels that you are wanting within that space, and find the perfect color to match that!